Improving conversion on B2B website with the following Infographics from b2bmetric

Thought I’d share this infographics I found from article by Laura Forer on checking your B2B Website for ways to maximize conversion.

Infographics credit B2BMetric

Infographics by by b2bmetric Laurer Forer on

Content Marketing World 2016 and the State of Content Marketing by HiP

This past week (September 6th through 9th) marked the sixth annual Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland, Ohio. For the third time in as many years, HiP attended this show. This year also marked the first time HiP sponsored and exhibited at the event.

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What is the marketing book going to be about?

Keyboard Glow

This is a book for Business to Business marketing leaders who wants to succeed in the omnichannel age as organization purchasing mimics consumer buying behaviors.

Consumers today are mobile, social, researching online, going to the store, and heavily utilizing technology as a medium for buying decisions and execution.   “Going shopping”
isn’t going to the mall any more, it means going through laptops, tablets and phones to decide where and how to buy.

Executives at work making B2B purchasing decisions are now using the same approach and showing the same omnichannel behavior.  In a research study by Forrester Consulting (sponsored by Accenture and SAP Hybris):

  • 49% of B2B buyers surveyed prefer to make work-related purchases on the same place as personal purchases.
  • 52% surveyed expect half their purchases to be made online in 3 years time.
  • 73% says it is important to have omnichannel information and exchanges, and unified account tracking across channels

Click here for the complete study by Forrester Research 

Marketing disciplines thefore need to change in the B2B space as new technology and communication channels changes corporate policies and buying behavior.

This book will help new marketing leaders suceed in the B2B omnichannel or Unified Commerce area  by breaking down the marketing disciplines and giving practical advice and models in each area based on the author’s experiences.

Subjects covered in the book include marketing areas such as communications, social media, events, sales readiness, and the role of analytics.

Please provide feedback in the comments below.  Do you agree that today’s B2B buyers are taking their B2C buying habits and applying it to their workplace?



Welcome to the Blog for Marketing Leaders

I am Kenneth Leung, a professional B2B technology marketer based in San Francisco California and welcome to my blog.

I had the privilege of working for technology companies such as IBM, Cisco and Avaya in various marketing roles.  I believe that good marketing represents excellence in various marketing disciplines, and it is constantly changing as buying behavior evolves over time over different channels and technologies.

I hope this blog will bring out some of the best marketing thinking in everyone.

I am also in the process of writing a book on B2B marketing targeted for publication by Christmas 2016, and I will share more information that in upcoming posts.

Please feel free to leave comments to suggestions.


Kenneth Leung